Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sharing Your Images (Via Hello)

For those of you who do not know, Hello is a chat program developed by Picasa which allows you to share images with your friends, neighbors, or even strangers. ;)

You can also use Hello to post to your blogspot blog, although it would be wiser using Picasa's button (I'll cover this later) as you can add titles for your images.

In order to post via Hello, you are going to have to download it from their website. If Hello is on your machine and you are having problems, see this post to resolve this issue.

After selecting your images, click on the Hello button below.

If you are not logged in, a screen should pop up asking you to type in your Hello screen name and password. Simply enter your info and press the Sign In button near the bottom right corner of the screen.

Another screen should appear asking you to select which friends you would like to share your images with. Since all mine were offline during this screen shot (a good thing), I'll use Blogger Bot as an example.

Your image should appear to the left. If your satisfied with how it looks, share it with your friend and don't forget to comment about the image you are sending.

Although this is a partial snapshot, you may notice the Send Recent button near the top. This allows you to send all of your recent images to your friends as well as review the ones you have shared with each other.

You can also send images to your friends while they are offline, which is pretty handy if you are in different time zones. Posted by Picasa


justnaresh said...

iam unable to connect to blogger from Hello/picasa because my account was created in blogger beta.

Is there a way to open my beta blogger account through Hello(picasa) and send my pictures???

please help me in this regard

Darnell Clayton said...

Unfortunately no. It looks like Google is getting rid of Hello altogether as a Blogger platform, and is replacing it with the new Picasa.

I personally think Hello is better, but there seems to be no effort to upgrade it.