Thursday, July 06, 2006

Picasa Web Albums Upgrade Link Disappearing

(Note: After testing this out, it is official.)

Published on The Social Networking Weblog

Many users of Picasa's Web Albums, a photo community allowing users to upload and comment on each other's photo's is a buzz with the realization that the upgrade link vanishing from their accounts.

Users have been discussing the apparent disappearance of the upgrade link which allowed users to increase their hosting size from 250 mb to 6 Gigs (as this screen shot shows).

After logging in and clicking on the link to upgrade, many users are being redirected towards the same page, except the upgrade link vanishes from their screen (as seen below).

Their is some speculation on the web that Google may be providing free image hosting for it's users, or perhaps even premium hosting with bandwidth limits (similar to Yahoo!'s Flickr). Either way, this is confusing, especially for users who desire to upgrade to 6 Gigs.

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