Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Digg Me Out Of This Mess!

Alternate title: Updating your original post with correct info could save your blog life.

After making this mistake early on in this young blog's life, I decided to contribute this towards Darren's If I Had To Start My Blog Again project as fair warning to all blog newbie's.

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About almost a month ago I had posted an article detailing a feature I thought Google had rolled out.

It later on turned out to be nothing but a Firefox extension, which I posted four days later after some users were unable to see it in their Gmail accounts and I was unable to see it via IE.

What I should have done was inserted an update alerting users that this was not a feature rolled out by Google, (as any Pro Blogger would have done) but being careless I soon forgot about the post and moved on blogging about other topics on other blogs. Thus began my first nail in my coffin.

(Note: Above photo from Under Ground Humor)

Later on, my post was picked up by Digg and thus began the confusion and destruction of my poor weblog's image.

It came to the point where I debated even continuing the site (as I felt very low blog wise) even though I went back and inserted those little bold updates that you see on blog posts every so often.

After coming across Darren's post (my unofficial blog mentor) I decided to continue on blogging and perhaps highlight this post as a monument to my mistake for future bloggers.

So, to sum up the moral of this story:

  • Always verify your sources or posts.

  • If discovered to be inaccurate, post an update for your readers lest you lose "blog honor" which may be hard to recover.

  • Thank your readers for correcting you.

For all future readers, learn from other's mistakes as you will go far in life (especially the blogging kind). Posted by Picasa

Update: Sigh, even my Picasa program is angry at me. Updated photo html links.

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