Friday, June 30, 2006

Picasa Web Albums In Gmail?

Update Three: Apparently people are not noticing the updates below, so I'll post this up here. This is NOT a roll out by Google or Picasa but rather a Firefox hack. See this post for details.

(Note: Hopefully next week I'll be able to post some tips about Picasa, instead of the randomness that I find within it).

I am not sure if everyone is seeing this, but after signing up with Picasa Web Albums, I came across this in my Gmail account.

If you look closely, you can see the Picasa symbol underneath. I have no clue why it appeared here, (as I had no photo's in the email that I recall) but after clicking on it I soon received a link towards my photo albums asking me if I wanted to send photo's to my friend.

This is interesting as Picasa Web Albums is similar to (owned by Yahoo) in the affect that it allows you to comment, rate, etc. In order for you to access it, you need a Google Account (which Gmail creates by default).

Perhaps the search engine giant is tying all of its features together to create a Google portal after all. ;) Posted by Picasa

Update: Corrected image html links.

Update Two: I finally discovered where everyone is coming from!

This is not a new feature from Picasa but rather a Gmail Skins hack. Please visit this post for details.

Sorry for the fuss.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Upload Photo's To Via Picasa

(Published on The Social Networking Blog)

It seems that Orkut's cooler brother now gives users the option of uploading photo's to their album within Joga.

This should make it easier for soccer fans (or football as it is known internationally) to show off some cool images of them scoring a goaaaaaaaalllllll!

But before you can upload a photo, you will have to first create an album within Joga, otherwise you will receive a friendly error message.

After installing Joga's version of Picasa, you will notice a button near the bottom of your Picasa screen (displayed above) as well as a little tray for you to place images on.

It looks very nice, although I wonder if the team will do something similar with Orkut? Posted by Picasa

Picasa is having trouble uploading images to blogger. I may have to use Blogger to post images here from now on...sigh.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Web Albums Are Here!

Google, via Picasa has finally released their version of online albums, entitled Picasa Web Albums which seems to be a Google version of, owned by Yahoo.

Both web albums software are pretty good, but Picasa allows you to upload up to 250 mb immediately while Flickr limits you to about 20 mb per calendar month.

If you upgrade to their pro account, (which costs $25 per year) Picasa bumps you up with 6 GB of space. Flickr has something similar, but you get 2 GB per calendar month to upload.

Hopefully the Picasa team will integrate Picasa Web Albums with Orkut's photo album, as that would allow users to hold more space via Orkut (and perhaps show off some digital pics). Posted by Picasa

Update: Picasa is having trouble uploading images to blogger. I may have to use Blogger to post images here from now on...sigh.

Picasa Fun (The Relaunch)

It looks like this blog has got its mojo back! Although I've been busy with the other weblogs (and life as well) I have decided to continue to post some life into this weblog.

Love the new look? I hope you do too! This post will be up for a while because...I have to get some sleep. Cheers! Posted by Picasa

Picasa Fun Relaunched!

After many moons in the cyber basement I have finally been able to make time to launch this weblog.

Although different from the other weblogs (such as Inside Orkut and Colony Worlds) this one will focus on ways to use Picasa to make your web-computer-life easier--as well as fun.