Thursday, June 29, 2006

Upload Photo's To Via Picasa

(Published on The Social Networking Blog)

It seems that Orkut's cooler brother now gives users the option of uploading photo's to their album within Joga.

This should make it easier for soccer fans (or football as it is known internationally) to show off some cool images of them scoring a goaaaaaaaalllllll!

But before you can upload a photo, you will have to first create an album within Joga, otherwise you will receive a friendly error message.

After installing Joga's version of Picasa, you will notice a button near the bottom of your Picasa screen (displayed above) as well as a little tray for you to place images on.

It looks very nice, although I wonder if the team will do something similar with Orkut? Posted by Picasa

Picasa is having trouble uploading images to blogger. I may have to use Blogger to post images here from now on...sigh.

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