Friday, June 16, 2006

Web Albums Are Here!

Google, via Picasa has finally released their version of online albums, entitled Picasa Web Albums which seems to be a Google version of, owned by Yahoo.

Both web albums software are pretty good, but Picasa allows you to upload up to 250 mb immediately while Flickr limits you to about 20 mb per calendar month.

If you upgrade to their pro account, (which costs $25 per year) Picasa bumps you up with 6 GB of space. Flickr has something similar, but you get 2 GB per calendar month to upload.

Hopefully the Picasa team will integrate Picasa Web Albums with Orkut's photo album, as that would allow users to hold more space via Orkut (and perhaps show off some digital pics). Posted by Picasa

Update: Picasa is having trouble uploading images to blogger. I may have to use Blogger to post images here from now on...sigh.

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