Friday, April 07, 2006

Access Denied?

Over in the Picasa forum, I came across this post from Jim.


I am the adminstrator on my computer. Picasa is set up and runs fine [on] my computer. There is also another user on this computer. I want this second user to be able to view the photo's I've edited and use the "Print This" button to print those photographs.


1. Is this possible?
2. I don't want the user to be able to edit any of my pictures - [just]
3. Is it possible to filter the folders, so only the one I give
permission to can be viewed.

Thanks very much,


The easiest way to do this (as Jeffery later on suggests in the forum) is to grant the user access to those images by sharing the folder. The only downside to this is that the user would be unable to see the edits to the photo unless you saved them within the folder or another shared location.

Hopefully the Google boys and girls will be able to develop a "shared" version of Picasa where you can see all of the changes without having to save a hard copy of the photo. Another feature on the suggestion list. ;) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

No Love For Blogger?


Unfortunately it seems as if I am unable to load images to Blogger via Picasa.

After I push "publish" Picasa gives me a thumbs up, and nothing happens. The last post had to be done via Hello. Alas... Posted by Picasa

Update: It is working via Picasa again.

To Edit Or Not To Edit? (Original Photo)


There seems to be a debate amongst Picasa users on whether or not Google should allow them to edit the original image.

Google probably did not implement this feature as they would probably receive complaints from users because they ruined their favorite photo.

Although useful to me, more advanced users would desire the ability to edit on the original, something Palefox has noted here.

Perhaps an extension could be created allowing users to edit photos, but unless Google chooses to do so a hack may have to be invented for this idea. Posted by Picasa