Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Picasa Makes Life Beautiful...Again

The boys and girls at Google have finally released a new (and improved) version of Picasa, allowing users to organize their photo's better as well as save image changes permanently.

(Official Google Blog) We've also fixed a whole bunch of things in Picasa. Folders finally work as you'd expect, so people who've kept their photos meticulously organized in folders and subfolders can see them displayed the same way in Picasa. And we've added a shiny new feature to photo-editing: Save. Your Picasa edits can now be preserved when using other programs. The save feature is even undoable, so you never lose your original files.

You can now use Picasa to upload photo's to Google Earth too, although if you have been using the beta for a while this is probably old news to you.

Users who have either upgraded or downloaded the latest version will probably notice the Picasa Web Album's button is "slightly glowing."

That is because now anyone can sign up for the Web Albums, although I am unsure whether or not if international users can upgrade to the pro account (as their were reports that this was not available to them).

Anyways, congrats to the Picasa Team! Now only if Blogger could release their fix for Picasa working with the new Beta Blogs (as I think helping out Flickr first was pretty much evil). ;)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Background Color Verification Test....

Testing to see whether this is really a "white" back ground or just a really dingy greyish white (using a photo).

Abandon Ship!

I pretty much think it is a miracle that I am able to log into blogger at all!

Since my login success rate to the old blogspot currently stands at 10%, I am manually switching over to the Blogger in Beta, as the old blogspot is having major issues, a problem I am all to familiar with.

Until then, you may want to check out Documenting Picasa (one of the few surviving Picasa blogs online--we will prevail).

In the words of the Governator, "I'll be back."

Test Post...

Converting over to the new beta. More posts will follow.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Flickr Now Compatable With Blogger In Beta

The Blogger Buzz has just announced that Flickr is now compatable with the new Blogger in Beta.


(Blogger Buzz) I'm very pleased to announce that Flickr has added support for the new version of Blogger in beta! Now you can blog and post photos directly from Flickr to your beta blog. This is something that a ton of you have been requesting, and many thanks go to the Flickr folks for upgrading their site to work with the new version of Blogger.

While I'm excited that Flickr now works with the new Blogger in Beta, I am however waiting for Google to do something similar for Picasa Web albums (as the old blogger is giving me too many head aches and I've already manually switched some of my blogs over to the beta).

For those of you looking for any updates on Picasa, Documenting Picasa has two great posts regarding evil teddy bears and some serious linkage between the online gallaries. Posted by Picasa