Thursday, July 06, 2006

No Upgrade For Picasa Web Albums?

(Hat Tip: To for providing screen shots)

Apparently that is the case according to which picked this up from a Blogscope reader in the forums.

As the observant Blogoscoped readers spotted, a link that once prompted users to upgrade their 250MB Picasa Web account to 6GB has recently disappeared. Could Google be getting ready to make this upgrade free?

I am not seeing the link in my account, and others have noticed this as well. Here is a blurry screen shot of what should be at the bottom of everyone's page.

There should be a "Storage" section, with some linked text saying, "Need more space? Upgrade your storage with an additional 6 gigs!" If a user clicks on the link, they would be taken to this screen which would ask for $25 in order for one to upgrade to six gigs.

Perhaps Google is moving the Picasa Web Albums upgrade over to Google Checkout as it seems to be a more "secure feature" for the search engine giant king. Perhaps they may provide unlimited storage for a fee (have it grow like Gmail).

Either way, I hope they inform the masses soon, as this is a great way to send potential clients towards Yahoo!'s Flickr. Posted by Picasa

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