Monday, August 07, 2006

MySpace, Blogs Invade Picasa Web Albums

(Hat Tip: Documenting Picasa)

The Google team is finally allowing users to sport Picasa Web Albums within their blog or MySpace. Unfortunately you can not post individual photos to your weblog, although hopefully the Picasa team will add that feature within their site.

Once a user clicks on their individual album, they should notice the Embed in Blog/Myspace link on the sidebar.


Clicking on it will reveal the html code necessary to add your images to your weblog, website, etc.


Once inserted, users will be able to display their pretty faces (or anything else of interest) on their site.

Note: Depending on whether you use Firefox or IE, you may notice that your image looks "funny." Here is a snapshot using Firefox:


...and here is the same one using Internet Explorer (both IE6 and IE7)


I have no clue (at least yet) why the image looks funny, although I noticed the same thing in reverse on Documenting Picasa (where Firefox looked weird and IE displayed the photo properly).

This may have to do with some weird html browser laws, although hopefully this problem can be resolved by either Google or Firefox (I gave up on IE long ago). Posted by Picasa

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